2019 Quad Cities Craft Beer Week / May 13-17

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The Flood of 2019 brought the Quad Cities community together like it hadn't done before. Business around the area came together to help out. Front Street Brewery and Great River Brewery in downtown Davenport became swim up bars once the record-level waters breached the barriers. Other businesses were also impacted, but many more individuals and families affected. Craft Beer Week became more than just a yearly celebration of the areas amazing craft beer scene, it became a new bond, stronger and more resilient than ever. Visit Quad Cities announced the QC Ale Trail with a press conference that officially launched the campaign. And the week ended in a historic Tap Takeover, and for the first time ever, every Quad Cities area brewery was tapped at a single location.

Here are some of the images from the 2019 QC Craft Beer Week, Cheers!